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The Outdoor Traveller

You’ve been bitten by the adventure bug – it’s the outdoors you’re looking forward to. Here’s help to get you through the nitty gritties of packing light and right.
  • Pack essentials – food, clothing and maps of the area. Ideally, food should be packaged in tins or packets.

  • Daytime and evening temperatures can vary vastly when you are out in the open – include a warm jacket or coat in your backpack. Rainwear is a good idea for the sudden squall.

  • Jeans and track pants wear well and it’s a good idea to carry extra pairs of socks.

  • A plastic clothesline helps you to dry washed clothes if it’s a long trip you’re looking at.

  • A First-Aid kit is a must. Apart from the usual, pack in prescription drugs if you happen to be on any and a spare pair of spectacles. It makes a whole lot of sense to find out in advance about the nearest Medical Centre to your camping site, in case of unprecedented emergencies.

  • Carry plastic bags to separate dry and wet clothes, clean and dirty clothes in your backpack. For the odd squall, a plastic sheet to drape your backpack is a good idea.

  • Wrap the matchboxes in plastic to protect them from damp and don’t forget to pack in a torch with spare batteries.

  • Carry an updated map, and definitely a compass.

  • A Swiss army knife will come in handy.

  • Buy film for your camera – sometimes small towns do not sell film rolls.

  • If your hiking boots are new, remember to break into them before the trip.

  • Trudging through rain and snow without rain-protective boots? Slip a plastic bag on over your socks to prevent your feet getting wet.

  • While trekking carry a pouch of salt or cigarette that will come in handy in a leech infested area.

  • If you've run out of sun block during a trek, toothpaste serves as a good substitute.