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Travel Folder

  • Pack extra passport size photographs in case you need to get a duplicate passport made or need a visa extension.
  • Carry copies of birth certificates, passport and visas in case you lose your originals.
  • Why be flummoxed by tricky currency conversion every time you are shopping abroad? Carry a currency conversion cheat-sheet cut to credit card size and slip it into your wallet to check discreetly.
  • Carry your State and International driving license if you plan to drive in a foreign country.

  • Money, Traveller's Cheques, and credit cards should be divided into several portions. Large bills, cheques, and at least one credit card should be kept on the person in a money pouch or belt that is not readily accessible or obvious.

  • Never carry large amounts of cash. Use Traveller's Cheques or credit cards for most purchases, but first make sure they are accepted in the areas you will be visiting.
Health Documents
  • If you’re coming from a yellow fever area, be sure you have your health certificate.
  • Some countries make it mandatory for you to have travel medical insurance to enable you to get a visa - check with your travel agent on this.
  • It’s always a good idea to be insured when you’re travelling. The cover depends on the premium you pay but basic areas covered include medical costs, lost baggage and passports, losses incurred due to flight delays, cancellations etc, personal liability and legal fees.

  • When travelling abroad, check with your medical insurance provider on how to reach a representative while you are abroad and how to obtain compensation for any care received.

  • Seek professional advice from an insurance broker before you buy travel insurance. As long as your insurance agent understand the nature of your travel, they will draw up a comprehensive policy meeting all your requirements and covering all the risks you could possibly be exposed to.
  • If you rent a car, it’s a good idea to buy liability insurance.