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Join our Affiliate Network provides an online platform for travel service providers (Hotels, Travel Agents, Cruise Companies and more) to connect directly with its visitors. Our platform enables travel service providers to showcase their products directly to our visitors and pay only when actual interest, in the form of a “lead”, has been generated.

How does it work?
List your products/services on for FREE
We market your products/services bring in the customer
Based on customer interest, when a lead is generated for your products/services, we forward this exclusively to you to service
We charge you a nominal fee per lead

The Advantage!
No capital investments on your part
No marketing cost - we market your products/services
Low cost of sale as we take no commission
Affordable cost to acquire a customer
You build a qualified database and more

In the recent trailing 12-month period we have had over 2.5 million unique visitors to our website. In addition, we have an opt-in database of close to 100,000 persons who receive our email newsletters.

Our Audience:
The Internet User!
Urban Contemporary Traveller looking for leisure products
Individuals between the range of 25 – 45 years
Approximately 60% of our browsers are Professionals, Businessmen and Senior Management
Our visitor is a High Net-Worth individual / High Spender
Our visitor is well-educated, well-informed and willing to transact online

"Every recent research and trend report on online businesses indicates that the Indian consumer uses the internet to search for travel information and travel products. Given the broadband expansion India is going to experience, the number of internet users is poised to grow exponentially. Clearly, the internet will be the most cost efficient platform to acquire a customer and aims to make this affordable for you."

Drop us mail and we’ll be happy to share further details with you…


“I started a new venture and didn’t have many client. JourneyMart is platform where we get true traveller. 25% of my business comes from JourneyMart, so it has really helped our company grow. Now my database is strong and we are even closing booking from Dubai, Saudi and Kuwait besides India.”
- Anita Pandey, Director Desire Holidays

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