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World Toe Wrestling Championship 2018

When: To Be Conformed
Where: Bentley Brook Inn, Derbyshire, England

So how many types of wrestling do you know about? Greco-Roman? Freestyle? Sumo? Well, here's another to add to the list: toe wrestling. Yes, toe wrestling. And that is what it really is, a form of sport in which two contestants sit down at what is called (perhaps facetiously, but very appropriately) a 'toedium' to wrestle- with their toes. And this strange form of sport actually has an annual world championship attached to its name- an event held annually at the town of Wetton in Derbyshire (England).

Toe wrestling isn't too old a sport- it developed in Wetton only as recently as 1970- but in the 30-odd years since then, it's been registered as an international sport (unfortunately for its promoters it was turned down as an Olympic sport because the Olympic Committee couldn't decide whether it should be a winter or a summer sport!). Regardless of its failure to make it to the Olympics, though, toe wrestling has an international prize attached to its name- and it's yours if you've got strong and healthy feet and a will to win- at the World Championship. No entry restrictions apply for the championship; you don’t even need to pay an entry fee.

Separate championships are held for men and women; in both cases, a preliminary examination applies- all contestants have to have their feet checked for cleanliness and health (no fungal infections or smelly feet allowed!) before beginning. When both wrestlers are ready, they lock toes on a 'toesrack' and begin wrestling ('toes away!') making sure they keep their bottoms on the ground at all times. The winner is the one who manages to edge his or her opponent’s foot off the toesrack first- a `toe down’ is what everybody aims for!

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