Thanksgiving Day in USA
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Thanksgiving Day

When: 22 November 2018
Where: USA

A quintessential American holiday Thanksgiving was first celebrated by the Pilgrim families of Plymouth, Massachusetts in October 1621, in appreciation of a bountiful harvest. They were celebrating the end of a long, tough year and a cold, bitter winter. The first crops had been reaped, the harvest was plentiful and with food on the table, the future looked brighter than before.

In memory of that first Thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving Day, American families gather around tables weighed down with turkey, cranberry sauce, and corn, vegetables and pumpkin pie.

Significance of Thanksgiving Day

The deeper significance behind Thanksgiving lies in its celebration of life - life in the year that has gone by. Thanksgiving celebrates peace, prosperity, good health and happiness - it is an occasion to look back on the tough times and offer thanks for the happy days. It is also a time to give - to share your good fortune with those less blessed.

So stop to reflect, appreciate one's blessings and say a heartfelt prayer, one for you and one for the rest of the world, for we live in troubled times.

Celebrations of Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a time for family reunions, feasting and making merry. A traditional celebration of Thanksgiving Day includes feasting on roasted stuffed turkey, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce. Celebrations also include gifting your friends and family thus showing your gratitude for them. Traditional gifts for Thanksgiving are flowers, baked cookie hampers, chocolate gift baskets and candy wreaths and wine.

Fixing a date for Thanksgiving Day

Apparently Thanksgiving Day was celebrated on different dates till the beginning of the 20th century. By the efforts of late President Abraham Lincoln, who wanted to inculcate the sense of American unity the date for Thanksgiving Day was fixed as the final Thursday in November. However it was not until December 26, 1941, when the Federal Legislation changed the unified final Thursday in November to the fourth Thursday in November.

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