Tansen Samaroh Festival, Gwalior
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Tansen Music Festival 2020

When: December, 2020
Where:  Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

All Indian classical music lovers should head to Gwalior in the month of December. The Tansen Samaroh is one of the oldest music festivals held in India and is a tribute to Tansen the great musician of Akbar’s court. Known as one of the 'navratnas' (nine gems) of the court, Tansen had a phenomenal voice and took Hindustani music to a new level with his compositions and rendering of the ragas. It is believed that with his rendition of Raga Megh Malhar, the rain gods would smile and it would start raining when he sang, as lamps would light up when Tansen sang Raga Deepak!

Tansen's legacy is celebrated even today with gusto in this significant music festival that is held annually in Gwalior. The music festival is supported by the Madhya Pradesh Government and draws in great crowds who are treated to a four day-night treat which are a feast for the senses. Musicians and artistes from all over India take part in this Samorah and showcase their talent to an audience that is made up of music lovers and come from far and near to listen to concerts that touch the soul. Senior artistes as well as newcomers perform at the Gwalior Samorah.

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