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Seville April Fair 2018

Seville Fair 2018 Dates

When: 17 April - 22 April 2018
Where: Seville, Spain

Seville April Fair (Feria de Abril) -
Spring is in the air at Seville when the city comes alive for its April Fair - the sweet aroma of orange blossom pervades the air, and a shiver of anticipation runs down, as the city's most important event takes place. Traditionally, the Seville April Fair starts at midnight, and after a weeklong celebration the festivities end with a fireworks display, also at midnight. The event site is the 'Real de la Feria', which becomes a city in its own right for the week owing to the extent of this fair.

Watch out for the traditional carriages drawn by horses carrying local girls clad in bright and colourful flamenco dresses through the city streets, set up your ‘casetas’ (marquee tents) at the all night flamenco parties, and wander through the spectacularly decorated tents splurging with food, music and dancing.

The fiesta...
The Seville April Fair centres on the flamenco, horses, and bullfighting, making it a typical Spanish affair! Each day the fiesta begins with a parade called the 'Paseo de Caballos' where local girls in their flamenco outfits are carried through the city in striking carriages pulled by horses. In the evening there are bullfights at the La Real Maestranza – best avoid this area if you find bullfighting repulsive.

Inside the casetas
There are thousands of decorated 'casetas' set up at the fairground, some of which belong to the well-known people of Seville. Everyone is not allowed inside the casetas, it’s a private pavilion and only relatives and invitees can enter. Most of the casetas have ongoing flamenco performances, loud music, partying and dancing, and drinks and tapas being served.

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