Sapporo Snow Festival, Japan
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Sapporo Snow Festival 2018

Sapporo Snow and Ice Festival

When: 05 - 12 February 2018
Where: Sapporo, Japan

Two buttons for the eyes and a carrot for the nose, as for the smile twist a twig round and stick it below, but don't forget to tie a scarf and place the red hat. Voila! Your snowman's ready for the Sapporo Snow Fest. The traditional snow festival began in 1950 at Odori Park, when a group of students prepared snow statues and showcased them. Later, the event started to draw thousands of spectators for the majestic snow sculptures carved by the self defence forces.

Today, millions flock to Japan's Odori Park to take a look at the awe-inspiring structures, from palaces, statues and sceneries drawn out of the fairytales to events reflecting all that is contemporary. Watch artists create legends in the fragile blocks of ice and get a taste of the local delicacies as you dig into some of Hokkaido's delicious sea foods. All this and much more only at Sapporo's Winter Festival.

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