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Rio Carnival 2018

Mardi Gras at Rio: The Greatest Street Show in the World

When: 09th - 14th February, 2018
Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Let me take you to the Mardi Gras... there's romance and adventure there,
music and laughter everywhere You don't want to miss the Mardi Gras...
its an endless game, a grand charade, melody makers on parade
Won't you come to the Mardi Gras?
You'll love the Mardi Gras!

- Paul Simon

Swing to the samba, rock to the rhumba and move to the merengue. Hot and spicy like the best salsa, the Rio Carnaval explodes in spontaneous combustion as enthusiastic dancers, bandas and blocos, bare chested men and bare bellied women frolic and cavort with wild abandon, unrestrained passion and infectious joie de vivre.

The Rio Carnival gives a kaleidoscopic view of the culture of Brazil at its zenith. People indulge in singing, dancing, and feasting, but the most involved in the Rio Carnival are the poorest localities (favelas) that join the festivities despite their deprived situation, and make the Carnival come alive in its true sense!

The events of the Rio Festival include Carnival Balls, Samba School Nights, Street Bands, Street Parties, parades, and a lot more. The festival concludes with the Rio Carnival Parade, or the Samba Parade. Everyone comes together as a whole to have fun. Billed as the greatest 'Free Show' anywhere, the Mardi Gras at Rio is one long party.

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February 9

March 1

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