Oktoberfest, Beer Festival in Germany
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Oktoberfest 2018

Beer Bonanza in Bavaria

When: 22 September - 07 October 2018
Where: Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Oktoberfest is an annual beer festival held in Munich, Bavaria which runs for 16-18 days from late September to first weekend in October. This German festival is the biggest and the best beer fest in the world, is one heady orgy for lovers of the golden brew – 5 million litres of beer will have been sipped or swigged, guzzled and quaffed by closing day!

Prost!! Here’s to beer, bingeing, befuddlement!

The Munich Oktoberfest began in 1810, as a wedding party thrown by King Joseph Maximilian of Bavaria to celebrate his marriage to Princess Theresa of Saxony. The beer loving Bavarians enjoyed their party so much that they celebrated it the next year and the next and the next .......... for the next 179 years! Some party! Down the years, Oktoberfest has evolved into a glittering pageant of brass bands, brewery wagons, colourful costumes, pop concerts, food sellers, funfair and carnivals.

Oktoberfest Munich Events 2018


Arrival of the tent patrons with parade through Munich 

Octoberfest-Beer-Barrel Tapping: By the Mayor of Munich in the Schottenhamel Tent 

Traditional Costume Parade  

Special Lunch for Senior Citizens: Organised in big tents

Family Day 1: Less costs applicable for rides and performances 

Oktoberfest Mass: Traditional religious mass in the Hippodrom-tent 

Traditional Concert: Oktoberfest brass-bands at the feet of the Bavaria 

"Rosa Wiesn" in the Fischer Vroni tent 

Family Day 2: Less costs applicable for rides and performances 

Senior showman meeting in the Hippodrom

Traditional Gun-salute: Held on the steps of the Bavaria monument

Oktoberfest Beer Prices

Prices are up! Be prepared to shell out at least Euro 9.50 for beer and even will water cost Euro 7.31 for a liter.

Tips for Oktoberfest

Reservation: If you really want to go on a binge and have the time of your life, make reservations at anyone of the 14 tents that will be put up. You could enter without a reservation too, provided you come early and it is not full up. If for some reason you do not get a reservation inside the tents, don't fret. It's just as good outside and maybe better if you are with your family.

Tents: Each tent is different and one better than the other. There is a great variety in the tents: some tents have been run by families for generations and each has something special about it. Each of them houses cafes that serve up delicious food to go with your beer, they have music blaring and generally a very party atmosphere abounds. There are small tents and there are big tents. All are dedicated to beer!

Some of the popular tents are: Schottenhamel where the festivities kick off, Hofbräu Festhalle which renowned for the international guests it receives, Hacker - Bavarian Heaven which transport you to Bavaria and Augustiner-Festhalle which is slated to be the most friendliest of all.

Items Not Allowed: Remember you will not be allowed to carry any food inside the tents. The tents all have cafes selling delectable food, so you can buy it there.You may carry cigarettes, but there is no smoking within the tent!

Safety: Security is big issue and there are three stages of checks you will have to go through, so be prepared. Security cameras will be installed all over the grounds for your safety.


Entry with Kids: Children are allowed in the tents but kids under 6 years have to leave the tents after 8 pm even if they are accompanied by their parents.

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