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Mother's Day 2021

Mother’s Day Date 2021

When: 9th May, 2021
Where: Nationwide

Mums have been around forever, their efforts taken much for granted and seldom acknowledged. But there is a day when mothers are made much of - with gifts, flowers, cards and calls that say "Hey Mum, I do love you (never mind the shouting, snapping and snarling)!" And mums being Mums, they shed a tear, grin and bear the attention and wait for their kids to revert to proto-typical every day behavior!

Mother’s Day was first celebrated in ancient Greece during the Spring Festivities honoring Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. Rhea was lucky- her kids were super-human and she the mother of all mothers!

In the 17th Century, English servants were given an entire day off - a day called 'Mothering Sunday' which they could spend with their mothers! Their mums, of course, weren't clever enough to have gods for kids nor fortunate enough to have the day off. They spent Mothering Sunday mothering their offspring, slaving over a hot stove and stoking the fires that would cook the fatted calf for their visiting sons and daughters.

President Woodrow Wilson made Mother's Day an American institution in 1914. He declared the 2nd Sunday of May a national holiday in honor of American Moms! And thereafter Mother's Day has become an international event celebrating mothers everywhere. Good for you, mums!

So lets hear it for all mums! Where would we be without them!

Mother's Day Calendar Date

2019: 12th May

2020: 10th May

2021: 9th May

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