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Moatsu Mong Festival 2020

Moatsu Mong

When: Dates to be confirm
Where: Nagaland (Ao tribe)

It usually falls in May and lasts for 6 days. The small but immensely beautiful hill state of Nagaland will come alive with the Motasu Mong festival- a time for much rejoicing, feasting, dancing, singing and merry-making. A traditional festival of the Ao tribe, Moatsu-Mong originally stretched over six days- but the modern abbreviated version of three days doesn't seem to have diminished the festivities in any way!

Traditionally, Moatsu Mong was celebrated only after the biggest (and most time-consuming) tasks of the community were completed- the sowing of grain, the cleaning of village ponds, the construction and repair of houses. The days leading up to the festival are, even today, a period of hectic activity. Homes are cleaned and decorated; rice beer is brewed (in huge quantities- what is a festival without liquor, after all?!) and cows, pigs and fowls are fattened for the inevitable feast. For the three days of Moatsu Mong, there is much rejoicing, singing and dancing; delegations go from one village to the next, bearing gifts, feasts are held, and eulogies are sung in praise of traditional heroes.

Moatsu Mong is now being promoted by Nagaland Tourism as a national event, and Chuchuyimlang village is the main showcase for the celebrations- a great place for visitors from across the country and abroad to get a ringside view of Naga life.

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