Ladakh Festival
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Ladakh Festival

When: Dates to be confirm
Where: Leh (Ladakh)

Ladakh, tucked away in the bitterly cold reaches of the Himalayas, lies cut off from the rest of the world for the better part of the year. But, come summer and the entire region suddenly comes back to life, in a vibrant burst of vitality which lasts through the all-too-brief summer. It’s a period of warmth and joy, when Ladakh plays host to thousands of visitors from across the globe. The fun lasts till late September, when winter starts setting in again; but before that happens, there’s one final round of partying, in the form of the Ladakh Festival. The Ladakh Festival highlights the sports and culture of the region, in a weeklong extravaganza of dances, music, handicrafts and sports.

The festival begins with a long procession, of local leaders, schoolchildren and dancers, which makes its way through Leh. What follows is seven days of lion dances, yak dances, craft stalls, excellent local food and plenty of the heady barley beer known as chang! Archery contests are held at Skara (near Leh), and polo matches, white-water rafting expeditions and treks are organised as well. All in all, it’s one of the best times to visit Ladakh- a time when you can get a really good feel, at close quarters, of this wildly beautiful cold desert.

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