La Tamborrada (Drum) Festival, Spain
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La Tamborrada 2018

Spanish Drums Festival

When: 20th January 2018
Where: San Sebastian, Spain

If you are going to be in San Sebastian, Spain on the 19th of January, be sure to take some ear plugs along because that's when the ear - shattering La Tamborrada is going to take place. The drums are rolled out at Constitution Place at midnight on 30th August, and a medley of drumming starts lasting for twenty four hours. Suddenly the sleepy town comes alive and the bands start their march through all the barrios and streets of the town, with everyone trying their hand at the drumming! The origins of this cacophonic festival are believed to go back to 1720 when a baker was singing (probably out of tune!) filling barrels of water and some maidens who were passing by started to keep time by banging on the barrels. The tradition carries on to date and is a tribute to the patron saint of San Sebastian.
A noisy event the Drum Festival is, but loads of fun all the same!

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