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Johannesburg Arts Alive Festival

When: To be confirm
Where: Various places in Johannesburg

The Johannesburg Arts Alive Festival is an annual event held during the month of September at various places around the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. The festival hosts a spectacular line-up of theatre, poetry, visual arts, music, dance and film, and lots of entertainment, where local and international artists perform at various venues.

Johannesburg is the perfect venue for such a vivacious and pulsating fiesta of arts and culture. The city draws people from all across the globe, giving it a vibrant multinational identity and providing various venues for performances. This multiplicity is reflected in the music, visual arts, dance, theatre and poetry from around the world at the Johannesburg Arts Alive Festival.

Johannesburg Arts Alive Festival 2018

This year, the Johannesburg Arts Alive Festival 2018 will celebrate its 24th year, and will showcase an array of live performances, exhibits, and theatrical productions to cater to a wide range of audiences.

Highlights of the event:

Music events
- Bassline
- Eldos Jazz Festival
- Jazz on the Lake
- Newtown Music Festival

Arts and Culture events
- Inguquko Festival
- Sibambisen Arts and culture Festival

Dance events
- Stepping Stones
- Be Still
- Skwatta
- Dada Masilo’s Swan Lake

Theatre events
- The Blue Iris
- Delirium
- Bopha
- Mother Of All Eatings

Besides these, there will be an array of events like the Spoken Word (poetry), FNB Joburg Art Fair and Joburg 2040 (visual arts), puppetry by Quanzhou Puppet Theatre, amongst others. For ten days, the city will be transformed into a massive stage where local and international artists will display their talents to appreciative audiences.

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