Halloween, USA
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Halloween 2018

Halloween Celebration

When: 31st October 2018
Where: USA

Shrieks and screams
Spine tingling chills,
Bloodcurdling thrills,
Ghouls and ghosts galore,
Vampires and bats,
Witches in pointed hats,
Warlocks and black cats
It's Halloween... so haunt and hunt
lurk and scare.

It's the time of the year to let loose and live out your wildest fantasies. So who do you wanna be? Sexy Witch, Mistress of Darkness or the Vampire Seductress - Black Satan, Count Dracula, Elvis' Ghost or Frankenstein?

Do it together - Queen of Halloween and El Diablo locked in passionate combat... or clinch! Lots of creepy action - haunted houses, scary shows, ogres vs. monsters bashes and all kinds of macabre entertainment is on offer for kids and adults alike.

Halloween balls, parades, parties, fright feasts, costume galas, walking tours of the ghostly, ghastly, eerie and infamous sights in Greenwich Village and Union Square in New York, spook streets and haunted houses in New Orleans, Dallas, Hollywood, LA, Florida, Disney World and at different theme parks across America.

Though celebrated mainly in the US, you can also go ghost hunting in Scotland for restless spirits. Walk down haunted subterranean streets in Edinburgh - look out for the lady in black, the headless dog and stay out of the phantom rider's way.

Meet up with Bram Stoker in Dublin. Date Dracula in Transylvania, sup with spooks or drink with the vampires in Romania. Take ghost walks and night tours Down Under at Monte Cristo's mansion in Junee, NSW. Join the ghosts at the Sydney Opera House or catch up with the inmates of the gaols and asylums in Melbourne and Fremantle.

Halloween Symbols and Costumes

Black is one of the customary Halloween colors, as the Halloween revelry takes place at night time. Ghosts, witches, bats, and spiders are some of the conventional Halloween figures and animals, as they are associated with night and darkness.

Blood, jack-o-lanterns, gravestones, and skulls are other objects symbolic of Halloween.

Popular Halloween costumes include witches, cannibals, monsters, mummies, werewolf, vampire, zombies…..and many more crazy outfits!

Celebrations and Common traditions of Halloween

The most noted feature of Halloween celebrations is playing ‘trick-o-treat’. Children dressed in ‘trick-o-treat’ costumes go from door to door and shriek, “Trick-o-Treat” while the neighbors drop in candies, gifts and other goodies in their bags. The people in the US decorate their homes during Halloween with jack-o-lanterns, spider-webs, skeletons, and other ‘scary’ items. No Halloween party is complete without a few scary stories.

Other traditions include, carving the pumpkin, bobbing for apples, crafting haunted houses and graveyards, watching horror films, and a lot more…

Get spooky, get spooked. Be vile and wicked, let the evil dr.....ip and the malevolence ooo.... ze!

Halloween is all about having a good time…

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