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Festivals in Germany 2017

Work hard, play hard is a motto that Germany lives by. And the play hard part of it is evident in the way they celebrate festivals and event year round. The Germans sure know how to celebrate and have fun - beer flows, music resounds and the streets in villages and towns are all dressed up. Street parades are popular events when all the people spill out onto the streets to make merry. Festivals are celebrated with good cheer and great enthusiam - from the music events to the carnivals, the beer festivals and the Christmas markets, Germany has this and so much more - come and join in the celebrations!

Germany Festivals and Events

Beer Festivals in Germany

If you love beer then Germany is definitely the place to be - they have several beer festivals in the summer months and the biggest of all is the Oktoberfest held in Munich at the end of September. Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich and other towns have their own beer festivals when the fairgrounds get converted into beer drinking grounds and all kinds of beer flows...

Carnivals in Germany

Its fun time, its carnival time! Germany celebrates with music, dancing, fairs and festivities. Whether it the Cologne Carnival where revellers fill the streets and colourful floats, marching bands and parades are the order of the day or a celebration of gay pride on Christopher Street Day, people throng the streets to partake in the celebrations.

Music & Cultural Events in Germany

Music and culture have always played a very big part of Germany's and this is plain from the way Germany celebrates music and cultural events. From the Munich Opera Festival and the Bach Festival in Leipzig to the Rock am Ring and the feisty Samba Festival held in towns all over the northern part of the country, Germany celebrates the traditional a well as pop culture. After all Beethoven and Boney M had their origins in Germany!

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