Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland
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Fringe Festival 2018

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

When: 27th August 2018
Where: Edinburgh, Scotland

"On the Edge of Things or "The Greatest Show on Legs!"

If you live life on the edge, if you hover round the rim, if fringe is where you like to be, then the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is right for you.

Like they say, where there's a will, there's a way! Eight groups gate crashed the Edinburgh International Festival in 1947 - their determination to show their skills started a movement that spread like wildfire. True to the spirit of its origin, the Fringe is open to anyone who dares to stick out. Non-invitees to major festivals get their acts together at 35 Fringe Festivals worldwide. Be it Adelaide, Edmonton, Stroud or Sydney, the fringe is where you flaunt what you've got.

Fringe Festival has grown into the biggest arts celebration in the world. The father of fringe fests, Edinburgh is a testimony to the spirit of freedom, specifically the freedom to express what you want to, when, where and the way you want to! It celebrates the imperative to perform; the independence to be innovative and the impulse do so regardless of the establishment. The participants are a disparate bunch of student theatre companies, TV celebrities, jazz musicians, Dutch musicians and beginners and seasoned pros. What binds them is the confidence that they’ll find an enthusiastic audience and the anticipation that their show will go down in Fringe lore.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival takes place all over the city at the recognised venues such as the Traverse Theatre, Cabaret Voltaire and the Stand comedy club. Apart from these, performances also take place in public parks, pubs, and even moving vehicles. This year Edinburgh Fringe Festival is likely to hold around 2000 shows with over 30,000 performances!

So, if you've got something to show, Edinburgh is where you've got to go!

PS. Tickets are available online, so hurry up, perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and you've arrived in the world of fringe-livers!

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