Festa de Sao Joao in Portugal
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Festa de Sao Joao

Festa de Sao Joao

Where:Oporto, Portugal
When: 24 June 2018

Welcome to Oporto, home of port, that most delightful of wines. The headiness achieves new heights on the 24th of June, the feast day of Sao Joao when this normally sober city is affected by midsummer madness.

Affected by a severe attack of midsummer madness, Oporto metamorphoses into party town on the night of 23rd/24th June and the party spills out into the streets, it slinks into every corner and takes over every square inch of open space. Dancing, music, fireworks, bonfires, regattas, street shows - the atmospherics are infectious and incendiary.

It's eat, drink and make merry time, whichever way you turn.... and if you wake up minus a hangover (if you sleep, that is) the next morning, atone for the excesses of the night before by going to church to pray to Sao Joao! He'll happily oblige, after all it was his party!

What a way to celebrate your patron saint's day!

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