Father's Day
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Fathers Day 2020

Thank You, Dad - You're the best!

When: 21 June, 2020
Where: India, USA, UK

Fathers come in all shapes and sizes but one thing they have in common is a heart big enough to encompass every smile and every tear, every joy and every fear in their child's life.

The 17th of June is a day when even the busiest of schedules can be interrupted to reflect a while on the men who made us what we are.

The father who tossed his kids into the air and caught them every time.
The guy who took time off to watch a football match and cheered the loudest.
The father who stayed up late, watching over his sick child.
The man who tried to move mountains for his children.
The dad who wept the most when his daughter got married.
The father who is there, even when no one else is.

This one is for you........ a special day for a special man. So thanks, Dad.

Father's Day in 2020 is on 18th of June.

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