Chinese New Year
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Chinese New Year 2021

Festival of Lanterns

When: 12th February 2021
Where: China

The second new moon after the winter solstice heralds the arrival of the Chinese New Year. Ushered in by the new moon, the celebrations culminate in the Festival of Lanterns on the night of the full moon, 15 days later. For the Chinese, New Year festivities are a family affair - they begin the New Year with religious ceremonies, sacrifices and rituals that unite living members with dead ancestors, venerable elders and founding fathers of the family. The coming together of past and present generations honours the family and symbolizes its solidarity and cohesion.

The grand finale is a colourful street procession called the Festival of Lanterns. Men, women and children carrying beautiful lanterns join the grand parade led by an enormous dragon as crackers and fire works illuminate the night sky. The dragon will repel the evil spirits of the New Year, the lanterns light the way for the good spirits and the cacophony of exploding firecrackers drive away the forces of darkness.

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