Chapchar Kut Festival
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Chapchar Kut Festival 2021

Chapchar Kut Festival 2021

When: Dates to be confirm (March, 2021)
Where: Mizoram

The Chapchar Kut Festival is an annual harvest festival of Mizoram which observes the advent of spring. It is the time when bamboos and trees that have been cut down to make place for 'jhum' (seasonal farming) are awaited to dry to be burnt. It is one of the oldest festivals of Mizoram and lasts for seven days.

The people of Mizoram practice jhum cultivation which is the main basis of farming and also the source of income in the region. Trees are cut down to make space for cultivation and are kept aside for several days to be dried and burned later. Chapchar Kut calls for the time of revelry when these chopped trees are kept for drying.

The festivities involve folk music performances which have a major appeal in the Chapchar Kut Festival. Liquor indulgence once used to be the key mode of merriment but with passage of time it has been done away with and now the focus is only on music and dance. Dressed in colourful traditional apparel, various tribal communities compete with each other in dance and music. A bamboo dance is also performed where only women take part. The men sit on the ground and tap the bamboos in rhythm against each other. It is a beautiful sight to watch the people of Mizoram dancing, dressed in outfits vibrant in colour and hats made from beads and feathers.

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