Blue Lotus Festival
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Blue Lotus Festival

When: To be confirmed
Where: Pushkar

De Kulture Music has been promoting authentic Indian music since 2005. Known for distribution of music albums and organizing music tours in Europe, in February 2018 it brings the first edition of Blue Lotus Festival - a new music initiative. It strives to bring into one place and at the same time most traditional Indian genres of music. In just 6 days you can travel through centuries and across the farthest parts of India as various genres and styles of best of Indian Sufi, Folk, Traditional, Gypsy, Tribal, Devotional, Spiritual and Indigenous music will be presented. This is a really great opportunity for an amateur’s immersion into Indian culture.

The Blue Lotus Festival is not just about music, but much more. The Festival program offers yoga & art of living classes, music workshops, documentary film screenings, camel safaris, night showcases, and different types of food. All this, in the midst of beautiful surroundings - so be there if you want to be a part of this musical extravaganza!

Featured Artists in Blue Lotus Festival 2018

Raza Khan - highly talented vocalist with grate scale of voice accompanied by dedicated musicians. Spiritual Sufi tradition, open to great improvisation.

Bachu Khan - preserving the festive atmosphere of public celebrations Bachu Khan introduces various instruments among which you can find string and woodwind instruments, Jewish harp and castanets.

Murra Lala Fafal - always a great experience as this leader infects others with his joyful spirit. Singing festive Kafi Murra, he makes musical jokes and improvises happily.

Mustafa Ali Jat - woodwind Surando is endangered heart of spiritual Bheth. Reflective and meditating melodies, he invites you to submit to intimate spiritual experience.

Dalbar Singh - it is easy to get carried away with his joyful performance. Celebrating the dance of Punjab it’s more of public festive than performance.

Mohini Devi - hypnotizing dance of colorful, highly decorative Kalbeliyas women takes you back to the tradition of snake charming. Feast for all senses.

Sharif Idu - a highly emotional performance that will take you across Indian history in a musical journey with spiritual melodies that have interesting structure.

More artists to be announced shortly.


Ananta Spa & Resorts will host Blue Lotus Festival. Hotel is away from the city and surrounded by green hills that gives that place a relaxed and calm atmosphere. The main concerts will take place there. However, night showcases and some public concerts will be run in Pushkar and the sand dunes. Rented bikes are great idea for alternative way of traveling between venues.


There is a selection of tickets for Blue Lotus Festival you can choose from: Season passes: Indigo (INR 3200), Sapphire (INR 3200), Royal Blue (INR 6400)
Day passes: Indigo (INR 800), Sapphire (INR 800), Royal Blue (INR 1600)
Each of these passes one gives opportunity to experience some of BLF except the Royal Blue pass, which gives you unlimited access to all attractions. More details on BLF web-site and at Kyazoonga.
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