Bikaner Camel Festival
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Bikaner Camel Festival 2021

Bikaner Camel Festival

When: To be confirm, January 2021
Where: Bikaner, Rajasthan

Bikaner Camel Festival is an annual festival dedicated to the surly, hardy animal without which the desert would be incomplete - the camel. Organised by the Department of Tourism of the Rajasthan Government, the festival is an ideal event for those who wish to witness Rajasthan in its full colourful glory. The celebrations include folk performances by the local artistes.

Bikaner Camel Festival Celebrations

The festival opens with a parade of beautifully bedecked camels which in itself is a colourful spectacle against the red backdrop of the Junagarh Fort. The celebrations include camel races, camel milking, fur cutting design, the best breed competition, camel acrobatics and camel beauty pageants (let the least ugly camel win!).

Camel traders and craftsmen who come from across Rajasthan converge on Bikaner for the festival, and there's plenty of scope for eating, souvenir-shopping and taking some great photos. Other festivities include the skirt-swirling dancers, the fire dancers, and fireworks lighting up the fortified Desert City. Savour the tea prepared from camel milk along with snacks which are available at the venue.

Bikaner Camel Festival Tickets

Bikaner Camel Festival is open to the public and anyone can come and be a part of this colourful celebration.

Tips for the Bikaner Camel Festival

It is advisable to pack woollens as mornings and nights can get quite chilly in the desert city of Bikaner.
You can take a tour of the Junagadh Fort which forms the backdrop for the festival. Read more on Bikaner Sightseeing Places

Bikaner Festival Travel Information

How to Reach Bikaner
Bikaner is a well connected city with the nearest airport at Jodhpur, regular train services from Delhi, Allahabad, Kolkata etc and the travellers can also opt for bus services, rent car or jeep from the neighbouring states.

Where to Stay in Bikaner
Bikaner is a home of palace hotels. The tourists can stay at the deluxe palace properties or standard hotels that suits every budget.

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