April Fool's Day
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April Fools Day 2018

When: 1st April 2018
Where: Worldwide

"The first of April is the day we remember
what we are the other 364 days of the year."
- Mark Twain

Did you know that the new year began on the 1st of April till the 16th century? NO? Neither did a whole lot of others. And the ones who did, didn’t know the first day of the new year fell on the 1st of January!

Confused? So were the ones who missed the new calendar issued by Pope Gregory in 1562! They continued to celebrate new year's day with parties and late night dances on the 1st of April. More fool they! The ones in the know laughed their heads off, poured ridicule and scorn, played tricks on them and called them 'April Fool's Days'. And the first of April became All Fools Day.

Fools Alert! It’s the day to play pranks and tricks on the unwary - so watch your step, one wrong move and you could be the April Fool. Or be a sport and provide a laugh or two. After all - whatcha gotta to lose? Just your cool!

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