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Ride the waves-go surfing in India. With an enormous stretched coastline exposed to parts of the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, India has many spots just right for surfing. Surfing is a sport which basically lets the surfer ride his surfboard on the crest of the sea waves that carry him towards the shore. There are very many surfing spots you could find on the southern tip of India. So gear up and get ready to ride the waves and have the most unforgettable experience!

Destinations in India for Surfing

You can go surfing in India at following destinations:

Best time to go Surfing

The best time to go surfing in India is considered to be in the months of September, October and November. The surf at this time can be approximately 8 feet. Few months can make your surf a little blown out with the tropical hurricanes and cyclones which are common between April to June and end-September to December. However it is possible to get perfect surfing conditions during these months particularly early in the morning.

October is basically good for beginners. March till June and August till November is also a good time to go surfing on the West coast of India.


Things to keep in mind while taking up snorkeling are:

  • Surfboards are designed to float on the water no matter what. They have a natural center of gravity. There is a point on the surf board that balances your body weight. In order to maintain your body weight on the surf board stand with your chin aligned to that particular spot
  • One should always wear a leash or leg rope tied to their surfboard
  • Never keep your board between yourself and the coming waves. This will cause collision
  • If the surf board's nose digs into the water it is called ‘pearling’ and when this happens you must move the location of your chin back in order to avoid falling and maintaining the balance
  • Don’t put too much weight towards the back of the board as you will lose balance
  • Wear the safety nose guard for safety measures
  • Wear a vest, rash guard or a tee shirt to avoid a rash you may get from the waves or surfboard
  • When you fall off your board remember to grip the back of your head with your hands and keep your wrists over your ears with your elbows together. Stay under water for a moment. This will prevent any facial injury

Surfing tour operators

Major operators for surfing in India are:

  • Cocopelli Surf School at Gokarna in Karnataka
  • Ashram Surf Retreat (also known as Mantra Surf Club) in Mulki (45 kms away from Manipal) Karnataka
  • Shaka Surf Club at Kodi Bengre, Udupi
  • Bay of Life operates from East Coast road between Chennai and Pondicherry
  • Surf and Soul in Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Surfing Yogis at Balighai Beach in Puri, Odisha
  • Kallialay Surf School (Between Pondicherry and Auroville)
  • Tipi Surf School- Goa


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