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If you don’t want to enter the deep realms of the underwater world yet wish to enjoy the colourful coral reefs and beautiful marine life then try snorkeling. India’s stretched coast line is blessed with amazingly beautiful groups of islands and beaches that allow you to get a peek in stunning marine life in the crystal clear waters.

Snorkeling is a sport in which you equip yourself with a diving mast, snorkel (a tube) and swimfins while swimming in the sea. This equipment allows the snorkeler to see the underwater marine life and coral reefs without diving in deep waters and needs relatively less effort than scuba-diving. Snorkeling is basically a less strenuous activity than scuba diving.

The clear blue, green and turquoise waters of Indian coast line present a striking view of the most amazing coral sea beds while snorkeling. Snorkel off the beaches or try the mesmerizing islands of Lakshadweep and Andamans/Nicobar, these islands are paradise for snorkeling in India with absolutely clear waters and a stunning range of marine life.

Destinations in India for Snorkelling

Lakshadweep Islands: Bangaram, Kadmat

Visit Lakshadweep as it is known as one of the most scenic snorkeling destinations in India. With an extensive coastline, coral islands and an amazing variety of marine life you will have the best snorkeling experience here.

Andaman/Nicobar Islands

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Corbyn's Cove Tourism Complex, Havelock. Go to the Andaman Islands to enjoy the underwater marine life and view the rarest varieties of corals.


You may also snorkel Grand Island in Goa.

Karnataka: Netrani Island


Explore the underwater world of the Arabian Sea at Konkan and visit the beach in Tarkarli to enjoy snorkeling in the clear waters.

Best time to go Snorkelling

Major snorkeling operators in India are Barracuda diving, Lacadives DiveIndia, Casino Resort at Bangaram Island and Planet Scuba India.


Things to keep in mind while taking up snorkeling are:

  • Make sure your equipment is of good quality and that you are familiar with it
  • Be aware of waves, currents and potential hazards such as rocks
  • Be well hydrated when you enter the water, and use sunscreen
  • Avoid touching marine life or obstructing their path. Also avoid touching or disturbing coral reefs
  • Try not to stir up sediment in water
  • Learn, practice and develop controlled floating ability, so as to float away from coral and reef animals
  • If you get tired while snorkeling, try to use rest stations or if your legs become tired or if you develop a cramp while snorkeling try flipping over onto your back. This will let you tread water easily while remaining afloat on the surface of the water

Snorkelling tour operators

There are numerous rafting and kayaking camps in Rishikesh. The known ones include Snow Leopard Adventures, Garhwal Himalayan Explorations, Himalayan River Runners, Ganga Nature Camp and Himalayan Retreat. The Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam also holds regular courses for first-timers.

In Sikkim you can opt for Clubside Travels and Gurudongma and in Leh there is Ri Mo Rafting Camp that also provides kayaking options. Other operators in Leh are Highland Adventures and Indus Himalaya.


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