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Mountain Adventure

Plan an adventure trip to the fascinating and majestic mountain regions of India and explore vital possibilities of mountain adventure sports in India. Discover the stunning mountain peaks and rolling green fields that will make your adventure tour all the more enchanting. Go trekking, mountaineering or mountain biking in the most popular regions like Himachal, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir or Sikkim and unwind the breathtaking vistas of the splendid mountains. Feel the rush, enjoy the thrill and be a part of unbeatable experience by taking up mountain sports in India.

Mountain Adventure in India

Best time to go

India has varied climatic conditions in different regions. If you are going to Jammu & Kashmir then July till September is good to go for mountain adventure. Likewise June till October is appropriate time to take up mountain sports in Himachal region. You can take up mountain adventure in Ladakh between July and September and March till May/ September till December is a good time to take up mountain sports in the Sikkim region.

What to bring

Pack light for your mountain adventure tour. Do remember to keep first aid, warm gear and dry snack bars. Other stuff you must carry includes water bottles, shoes according to the sport (trekking, skiing or hiking boots etc) you are going to take up, torch, sunblock, personal medical supplies and of course don't forget your camera.


Things to remember while going for mountain adventure are:

  • Buy boots that has an excellent heel counter, the more supported the heel is the less likely that you will get blisters. Better buy shoes that are specially designed for a particular mountain sport you desire to take up
  • Build up your stamina before taking up any kind of mountain sport


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