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Parasailing in India

Parasailing in India is an exhilarating sport that gives you a chance to enjoy a dramatic view of the sea and beaches while flying in the air. A long rope harnesses the parasailor with the parachute at one end and the boat at the other. The boat speeds ahead and lifts the sailor up into the air. There are two types of parasailing: Winchboat parasailing and the other is Beach parasailing.

Winchboat Parasailing

This sport involves a parachute and a boat. This type of parasailing is done with a well-equipped boat that has a parasail inflation system and hydraulic winch powered by the main drive engine. These equipments help in launching and retrieving the parasailor from the flight deck. A parachute is attached to a boat and the person practicing parasailing is attached to a parachute. The boat drives off around the waterfront with parasail behind it, keeping the person off the ground.

Beach Parasailing

For this type of parasailing, the beach is the main ground for both taking off and landing. Unlike winch boat parasailing, one has to run a few steps and then the rope attached to the boat helps to lift the passenger up in the air. Parasailing is also considered by many as a hobby rather than a sport, since the person on the parachute has no control over movement and speed and therefore becomes simply a passenger. After taking some safety measures, this sport becomes safe and definitely very enjoyable.Goa is a popular place for beach parasailing.

Destinations for Parasailing in India

  • Goa: Considered as one of the best destination for parasailing in India. The popular Goa Beaches that provide parasailing facilities are Miramar, Calangute, Candolim, Sinquerim, Mobor, Arossim and Cansaulim
  • Pune: Places for parasailing in and near Pune are Kanifnath (20 kms from Pune on Saswad road) and Purandar (45 kms South-east from Pune) and Panchgani. Lakes: Pawna, Panshet, Mulshi, Khadakvasla
  • Sanasar in Jammu & Kashmir
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Best time to go Parasailing

All seasons are good to enjoy parasailing in India except the monsoon season (July/August).


  • Ensure that the company you choose to organize and operate parasailing for you should be fully licensed operating from a well-established location, insured by a licensed insurance company
  • If you are untrained avoid parasailing in winds that exceed 15 knots
  • Never take up parasailing activity in rain, fog or an approaching storm
  • Avoid flying over 600 feet as this is the maximum recommended altitude for using hand signals and recovery over open oceans and 300 feet over small lakes or bays
  • Avoid para-sailing in close proximately to the shoreline or buildings and other objects
  • You can very easily get complete information and instructions about various types of parasail equipment, and passenger support devices like harness, tandem bar, ridged chair methods etc from the organizing company’s guide

Parasailing tour operators

Major parasailing operators in India are Ace Paddlers, Sahas Adventures and Andaman Adventures.


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