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Bungee Jumping

For an adventure enthusiast nothing can beat the thrill of freefalling from a crane or a bridge while being attached to an elastic cord. In Bungee jumping, one end of the thick elastic cord is tied to the jumper’s body and the other end of the cord is tied to a stationary object at the jumping point. Bungee Jumping in India has become popular over last few years and there are many organizers who take good care of all safety measures while offering this sport. Considered an extreme sport, Bungee jumping if done correctly and under professional guidance can be really a exhilarating experience.

Destinations in India for Bungee Jumping

Visit Rishikesh (Shivpuri) in Uttrakhand to enjoy Bungee Jumping or head to Bangalore where Xtreme Sports has set up a huge crane (150meters high) in Palace Grounds plus Ozone Adventures has set up their jumping pad at Kanteerva stadium for bungee jumping.

In Delhi, Wanderlust has set up a mobile crane for bungee jumping at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium or go to Goa where the organizers have set up a permanent tower for bungee jumping.

Best time to go Bungee Jumping

The best time for bungee jumping are the months between September and November and then between February and May. Avoid the months of monsoon.


  • Please remember that before a jump you will be required to sign an indemnity bond which states that if something happens to you during the jumping process will your responsibility and not of the organiser
  • Avoid wearing hats, loose clothes, short skirts and jewellery on the day of your jump. Also make sure that your shoes are securely tied to your feet lest they fly off
  • There are certain precautions you need to take care before going for bungee jumping. Pregnant women, people with severe back problems, fear of heights, high BP are not allowed to jump
  • Also if a jumper is over 50years he or she needs a medical certificate declaring him or her fit enough to jump
  • Do check all the bungee gears thoroughly for their quality and safety

Bungee Jumping tour operators

Some of the major tour operators offering bungee jumping tours in India are Wanderlust Travels Pvt Ltd in New Delhi, Splendid India Tours in Uttarakhand and Jumpin Heights. Also offering this sport, are Ozone Adventures in Bangalore and Gravity Adventure Zone in Goa.


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