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Everglades National Park


Expect the unexpected at the amazing Everglades National Park, Florida, the third largest national park in America! A "River of Grass" is its foremost attraction, along with a fragile and remarkable eco-system which supports a variety of plant and animal life ranging from microscopic algae to giant alligators and the Florida panther. Come here for excellent wildlife watching and walk away, marveling at Mother Nature's ingenuity and survival tactics. For several centuries, the entire tip of Florida has been supporting an amazing eco-system built around saw-grass patches, mangrove-filled swamps, soil-filled hollows supporting trees (called hammocks) and 'gator holes' in the salt-encrusted beach-front areas. Native American tribes hunted off the land without destroying the delicate balance at work in the Everglades. However, the nineteenth century brought doom to the region -- White settlers established farms and towns, draining the area for fields, roads and houses. Even though part of the Everglades was declared a National park in 1947, the natural cycle is being totally destroyed by insecticide pollution from farms, diversion of water resources to cities and global warming !! The future does not look too good for the many denizens of the Everglades National Park !!

Best time to visit

Though the park is open throughout the year, winter is the best time to visit. The weather is pleasant with less of humidity and the wildlife gather more prominently around the 'gator holes', the only source of water. There are fewer mosquitos and bugs in winter, making life easier! Summer is a difficult time as the insect population is tremendous -- you will be fending off mosquitoes like crazy. Also, summer storms cause flooding, making it difficult to do anything!


Snakes abound in the Park, but be aware that a snake will rarely strike or bite you unless you aggravate it. Believe it or not snakes amore scared of humans than you are! This is the only place in the world where crocs and gators live together! Bet you didnt know that lightning ignited fires are a common occurence in the Everglades.


An entry pass costs US$ 5 for pedestrians and bikers. This pass is valid for 7 days. Private vehicles pay US$ 10 for a period of 7 days. Annual passes worth US$20 are available too. American citizens are eligible for lifetime passes, which allow entry to all the national parks in the country. These passes are free for those with permanent disabilities, and cost a nominal amount- between US$10 and 50- for everybody else.

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