Places to Travel in South America


Speak Spanish, dance to the Salsa, do the samba and the rumba, watch the football frenzy, sip Colombian coffee and delve into the dark secrets of voodoo and black magic in this continent.

Home to the ancient civilization of the Incas - South America is where's the world's widest river flows. Along it's course in the dense tropical rain forest the boa constrictors, pythons and anacondas slither by. Jaguar and panthers stalk their prey in an overwhelming silence and the little people make a place of their own on the riverbanks.

An antithesis to this primal existence is the high profile fast life style of the beautiful people in the cities. This is where Peles and Maradonas learn to play football. This is where elected leaders turn dictators. Where ordinary people fight to save their environment and tourists are bedazzled by the carnival fiesta.


Destinations in South America

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