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Tangra Chinatown


Tangra Chinatown, situated 5km from the city centre, in the eastern part of Kolkata, is the only Chinatown in the country with the largest number of Chinese inhabitants living in the area. The place acquired its name Chinatown owing to the fact that a majority of local inhabitants of Tangra are the East Asians. The area is at times known as the Chinatown of Kolkata.

Compressed into a small area of Tangra, Chinatown has remained an immigrant society and has retained its distinctive cultural charm. Apart from serving as a residential locality for some ethnic Chinese groups, Tangra Chinatown is also the cultural centre for most of them. One can rediscover the charms of the Chinese society in Chinatown, with Buddhist temples and an age-old Chinese pastry shop. This mini Chinatown is reputed to serve authentic Chinese food scrupulously preserved by the Chinese families living in the area for past few generations. The area is dotted with economically amazing Chinese restaurants and bars. Tangra Chinatown is also well known for the conventional tanneries present in surplus in the region.

The Chinese cuisine that evolved here is today, a distinct cuisine on its own, in which traditional Chinese food has been mixed together with Indian ingredients and modified to the Bengali taste. A visit to Chinatown is certainly a wonderful experience in itself.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Tangra Chinatown and Kolkata is during the winter months of November to February.


The famed Indo-Chinese food that we get served in restaurants all over India had its origins in Chinatown here, as the Hakkas who migrated here from China, modified the cuisine more suited to the Indian palate.


There are no timings in order to visit Tangra Chinatown.

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