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Answer the call of the wild - head for Corbett National Park where the magnificent tiger reigns supreme. Located in the foothills of the Kumaon Himalayas, close to Ramnagar Corbett National Park was the first Reserve forest of its kind, established in 1936 through the efforts of Jim Corbett, the conservationist. Corbett National Park also makes for a memorable honeymoon destination. For couples on their honeymoon, what better way to get to know your life partner than while staking out, waiting for a tiger to appear? The dense forest cover and the call of the wild beasts and birds contribute to an intense and romantic atmosphere, ideal for honeymoon memories.

Stretching over 520 sq km with a core area of 330 sq km, the Corbett National Park consists of mixed deciduous and sal forests and stretches of Savannah grasslands where antelope, chital, hog deer and sambar graze. The Rhesus monkey and common langur are ubiquitous, while the long-snouted gharial, marsh crocodile, cobras and pythons can be seen on the mud banks of the Ramganga.

Just in case you were wondering, tiger attacks though extremely rare have happened in the past. Though tigers tend to keep their distance and attacks on humans are almost unheard of, in 2004 a man was attacked while sitting at a wayside tea stall on the edges of the park one evening. Don't ever take your surroundings for granted and it is a good idea to exercise caution when out in the wild.

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