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The main palace at the Mud Fort, Kuchesar is spectacular and sits atop an impressive bastion. At the Mud Fort, Kuchesar, wonderfully landscaped gardens make for great visual beauty. Towards the western side of the Mud Fort Kuchesar are old broken ruins, believed to have been once the replica of Lord Clives home in Calcutta. Restored in minute detail and furnished in a grand style, the Mud Fort, Kuchesar is an architectural gem and reveals the royal tastes of the Jat rulers. If you have had your fill of colonial bungalows and the usual heritage hotels, opt for the truly unusual Mud Fort of Kuchesar, built by the Jats of Mandoti in the mid 18th century. Set amidst sugarcane fields and mango orchards in the lush backyard of the River Ganges, Kuchesar offers a holiday like no other. You can choose to spend your honeymoon here or have a wonderful weekend break.

The heritage hotel of Kuchesar has been known for its hospitality since decades. The matchless generosity bewitches the visitors to come back to the place time and again.

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