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In Agra, layers of history are peeled away to reveal an amazing tapestry of life - of wars waged, of great architectural magnificence and above all a testimony of the undying love of a king for his queen.

That Agra is unparalleled as a travel destination is an established fact. Even Bill Clinton testified to as much when he declared the world was divided into two: those who have seen the Taj and those who have not! Besides the Taj Mahal though, there are a lot of other important sights in and around Agra. The Agra Fort, Moti Masjid and innumerable other attractions make the city feature on every traveller's must-do-sightseeing list.

The first time you travel to Agra, the city can be a bit overwhelming with its noise and big crowds. There are government run and private tourist information centres galore and you should take advantage of them. Most of them offer tour guide services, which is useful if you're stuck in a chaotic Indian city, particularly if you're low on knowledge about its premier attraction. There are also nearly as many touts as tourists! Beware of them and stay with registered guides. However, no matter how many times you've done Agra and the Taj Mahal, their attraction never fades. If you're an old Agra hand of course, you'll be quite at home in this crazy bustling town.

The glorious Taj Mahal of Agra has numerous interesting facts to its credit. One such is that it changes its colour several times during the day. In the morning it appears pink, turns white during the day and in the moon light it appears golden.

The monument was crafted artistically and it is believed that its pillars are slightly titled outwards so that if an earthquake occurs the pillars won’t fall on the tomb.

The entry fee for foreigners and locals is different by a huge margin. Most monuments are open from sunrise to sunset but ensure you check which days the monuments are closed to visitors when planning your holiday. The Taj Mahal is closed to visitors on Fridays.

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