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History of Kodaikanal

The history of Kodaikanal city dates back to the time of prehistoric era and confirming the fact are the presence of prehistoric remains found near the Palani Hills. Some of these are from 5000 BC, whereas, others are more than two thousand years old.

Later, after almost thousand years, two tribes namely, the Palaiyans and Puliyans migrated into the Palnis. Kukkal Caves located 40 kms from Kodaikanal present traces of Palayan occupation. The Puliyans were the first architects in this region.

Kannuvar Vellalans, farmers from the Coimbatore plateau took over Pulaiyan lands and made them their slaves. In the 17th and 18th centuries, during Vijayanagar, Maratha and Muslim rule, further invasions took place.

In 1821, Lt. B.S. Ward was the first European to visit Kodaikanal. From year 1860, due to the visit of several dignitaries, efforts were put to make Kodaikanal a healthy place to visit and settle and today Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station visited by thousands of visitors every year.

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