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Trekking In Coonoor


Coonoor is a good base for anyone to start their trekking forays into the Nilgiris.

Coonoor-Lamb’s Rock- Lady Canning’s Seat-Dolphin’s Nose-Law’s Falls-The Droog-Coonoor:

The trek along this path will let you explore most of the tourist attractions which lie around Coonoor. Start the trek by climbing up to Lamb’s Rock, just nine km from Coonoor. Lamb's Rock is set high on a hill that offersz sweeping views of the plains. Further along the road from Coonoor, past Lamb’s Rock, lies Lady Canning’s Seat, named for the wife of the viceroy. Like Lamb’s Rock, Lady Canning’s Seat offers a spectacular view of the Nilgiris.

Carry on from Lady Canning’s Seat to the towering rock known as Dolphin’s Nose. About 12 km from Coonoor, Dolphin’s Nose is shaped much like the snout of a rising dolphin and is a great spot for taking photographs. From here you can also spot Catherine Falls. On the trek back towards Coonoor, do a detour to Law’s Falls, about five km from Coonoor, along the road to Mettupalayam. The falls, near the junction of the Coonoor and Katteri rivers, are a popular tourist attraction.

From Law’s Falls, head for the Droog, about 13 km from Coonoor. Also known as Pakkasuran Kottai, The Droog, is where there is a 16th century fort which is believed to have been used by the ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan, in his battles against the British. The fort, which is situated at a height of about 750 mt, has a number of medicinal springs in the vicinity, of which the most famous is the Maan Sunai (`Deer Spring’), which is never touched by the rays of the sun.

When heading back to Coonoor, if you’re tired out there’s a bus which goes to the town, but you will have trek to the bottom of the hill - a trek of about 3 km- to catch the bus.

Best time to visit

The Nilgiris are a year-round destination. It is never too cold or too hot for trekking; summer temperatures are pleasant and range between 12 and 25ºC, while winter temperatures never go below 3ºC. Summer, is however, pretty crowded, so winter- particularly between November and February- is a better time if you would rather give the crowds a miss.



The nights in the Nilgiris can get chilly, even during the summer, so take along light woollens for summer treks. During the winter, heavier woollens are necessary packing. On all treks, take along insect repellent, sun glasses, and a floppy hat. Bottled water and food is generally available all over the Nilgiris, so unless you’re heading deep into tribal territory, you needn’t stock up on either.


You can go trekking in Coonoor during any time of the day although, trekking in daytime is advised.

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