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Kangla Palace


Kangla meaning "dry land" in old Meitei, was originally the customary seat of the past Meitai rulers of Manipur. Thus, the Palace of Kangla was originally situated on both sides of the Imphal river in Manipur.

'Kangla' was the earliest capital of Manipur until 1891 AD. Located in the core of the Imphal city, the palace today stands only on the western bank of the Imphal River. 'Kangla' was not only the place of political authority but also a sacred place for spiritual reverence and ceremonies. There are a number of ancient documents like "Sakoklamlen", "Chinglon Laihui", etc., which lay down the regulations for the architecture, worship, rituals pertaining to 'Kangla'.

Twenty feet high, the fortress was built of well-burnt bricks. A number of holy places, including the coronation place of Pakhangba, were positioned within the area of the fort. The castle had three entrances, two in the western part and one in the southern region. The southern entry was linked with the channel leading to the Shree - Shree Govindajee Temple.

Despite being such an important place of Indian heritage, the fort today just possess some ruins to speak of its once held magnificence!However, the State Government is working on a Concept Development Plan (CDP) of 'Kangla Fort to restore its beauty. As per the plan post the completion of the renovation, 'Kangla Fort' will regain its charm and become an exceptional Archaeological Park in the entire North-Eastern Indian region.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit the place is from September to April. However, at present restoration work is in progress and hence entry to majority of sites in the palace is restricted.


According to fables, Lord Pakhangba dwells in 'Kangla' and he ruled the Kingdom of Manipur and the Universe through the royalty. It is even assumed that there are 360 significant holy places in 'Kangla'


The fort is open from 10:00 a.m to 5:00 pm.

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