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Things to do in Mumbai

Mumbai – the capital city of Maharashtra offers a wide variety of things to do and see. Take a trip to various museums or head to Elephanta Island. Indulge in shopping at the various busy markets of Mumbai or go caving in Sanjay Gandhi National Park near Mumbai. Gorge into variety of cuisines as you let the financial capital of India cast its spell on you through its sights, scents, and colours.

Sightseeing in Mumbai

Planning to go for sightseeing in Mumbai? You will notice that the city’s long association with the British is reflected in the old world charm of its buildings made in the Indo-Saracen style.

Shopping in Mumbai

You can do some great shopping in Mumbai. Here you can find everything from all across the country!

The favourite for shoppers of all shapes, sexes and wallet sizes is textiles and ready-made garments, including export surplus apparel, which you can pick up at throwaway prices.

Activities in Mumbai

Looking for adventure in Mumbai? Try the breath taking rides and slides at EsselWorld.

NearBy Places in Mumbai

There are many tourist places around Mumbai.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park 42 kms to the north of the city was once known as the Borivili National Park.

Eating Out in Mumbai

Keeping in line with Mumbai’s cosmopolitan atmosphere the scene for dining and eating out in Mumbai is fabulously all-inclusive.

Festivals & Events in Mumbai

These is a long list of festival and events celebrated in Mumbai. The very well-known and largely celebrated is Ganesha Chaturthi that is one of the most important festival of Mumbai.

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