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Bandhavgarh National Park


Bandhavgarh lies in the heart of Madhya Pradesh- traditional tiger country. This is where Rudyard Kipling found inspiration for his famous Jungle Book (remember Mowgli?), and this is where the tiger still roams- although now protected by dozens of laws, some effective, some not.

Once the hunting preserve of the Maharajas of Rewa, where an alarming number of tigers were hunted down in pre-independence India, Bandhavgarh was mercifully declared a National Park in 1968. Today, the Bandhavgarh National Park is a compact reserve (448 sq. km) of sal trees, bamboo thickets and grasslands, teeming with birds and animals and the highest population of tigers anywhere in India. The park is now home to 22 species of wildlife, including the regal ‘gaur’, umpteen varieties of deer, and carnivores such as the striped hyena, jungle cat and sloth bear and over 250 species of birds. Within the park itself is the Bandhavgarh Fort, now in ruins and largely overrun by the surrounding forest.

Although Bandhavgarh is in the area where the famous white tigers of Rewa were first found, don’t expect to see any of the exotic beauties around. What you will see, however, is an amazing diversity of flora and fauna which can certainly make a trip to this wildlife preserve utterly worthwhile.

Best time to visit

Like many of India’s other wildlife preserves, national parks and sanctuaries, Bandhavgarh National Park too closes for visitors during the monsoon months, July to October. Between November and June is the best- and only-time to visit the park.


If you wish to experience beauty and wildlife all together then Bandhavgarh National Park is the perfect place for it! The park is home to 22 species of mammals including the regal ‘gaur’, umpteen varieties of deer, and carnivores such as the striped hyena, jungle cat and sloth bear along with 250 species of birds.


It is best to start exploring the Park early in the morning. The Park is open to all from sunrise to sunset.

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