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Tomb Of Tansen


The mainstay of Hindustani classical music and one of the ‘nav ratan’ (nine jewels) of Akbar's court, the great singer Tansen lies buried in the city of Gwalior. Built in the early Mughal architectural style, the Tomb of Tansen has a pristine aura about it, and the tombstone is surrounded by gardens on its sides. It is located around 120 km from Gwalior.

Apart from being an ancient monument, the Tomb of Tansen also highlights the rich cultural legacy of Gwalior. It is the venue of a national level music festival known as Tansen Music Festival, held annually in November-December, to revere this great musician. Renowned musicians and distinct personalities from the country and abroad gather here to celebrate music and give performances during the festival.

Gwalior retains its strong musical tradition, and continues to be a leading force in Hindustani classical music. Tansen, an exemplar of the Dhrupad style, went on to evolve the Gwalior Gharana style, whose present-day exponent is the internationally distinguished Sarod player, Amjad Ali Khan.

Best time to visit

Gwalior has extreme climatic conditions, scorching summer and chilly winter. The best time to visit the Tomb of Tansen and Gwalior is from October to March.


It is said that chewing the leaves of the tamarind tree at Tansen’s tomb supposedly enriches your voice!


There are no particular timings for visiting the place.

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