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Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum


A storehouse of historical artefacts, the Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum in Gwalior is one place for any person who wants to revisit the days of the glorious past.

Built by Raja Mansingh Tomar, the beautiful palace was dedicated to his Gujar Queen Mrignayani with a sculpture of Gyraspur Shalabhanjika, the tree goddess, who is said to be an epitome of excellence in miniature. A prominent characteristic of the palace is the valuable crown with precious stones and jewels embellishments. The palace has extensive compilation of exclusive variety of sculptures fitting from 1st Century AD.

The Central Archaeological Museum at Gujari Mahal was inaugurated in 1922 with 28 galleries exhibiting almost 6,000 artefacts with the oldest being from the 2nd century B.C. The anthology of statues includes the renowned Shalabhanjika Yakshi, Trimurthi, Yamraj and Nataraj Ardhanareshwar, etc.

The collection of weapons consists of double-barrelled and camel guns along with swords and daggers. The collection of photographs in the museum includes the Bagh Cave paintings, 75-year-old photographs of Mandu and Dhar areas, and monuments of India are unrivaled. para] To conclude, the Gujari Mahal lying within the Gwalior fort is considered to be a marvel of medieval structural design.

Best time to visit

Best season to visit the palace is from October to March.


The statue of Gyraspur Shalabhanjika, the tree goddess, which is said to be an epitome of excellence in miniature is kept in the care of the museum's custodian, and can be seen only on request.

Also, it is said that almost half of the greatest thirty singers of India, including Tansen, learnt classical singing in this palace.


The museum is open all week days except Monday, from 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m

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