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Coorg (Kodagu) a beautiful hill station in the southern Indian state of Karnataka lies nestled in the Western Ghats like a shimmering emerald, rich, green, and splendorous. Yet ‘undiscovered’, Coorg is a leafy hilly paradise which is so culturally and geographically different from the rest of the state that somewhere along the climb, up from the plateau, it’s Jack-at-the-top-of-his-beanstalk-déjà vu.

Fair and robust, this strong martial society may have been a warrior tribe from further north in India or perhaps even Kurdistan or Arabia. Nature worshippers, with traditions very different from mainstream Hinduism, these people make equal rights for women a redundant issue! Kodava women can own and inherit property, choose their partners and are a strong voice in the community.

Besides its natural beauty and historical attractions, Coorg boasts of the highest number of Golf Courses in India.

The Kodavas fondness for the good life is well known. Good food (kadi) and liquor (Kudi) is most important to this fun loving race. Attend a Coorg wedding to see them enjoy their Kadi and Kudi while they loose themselves with in the singing and dancing that goes with the mood.

To date not much is really known about the antedecents of the Kodavas. Some trace their origin back to the 2,500-year-old civilization to the regions of Oman and Yemen, and yet another to Mohan-jo-daro. Being descendants of a martial race, the Kodava people are tall and a very good looking people. Every family has at least one person serving in the armed forces even today. Besides the mandatory dagger, every Kodava family also owns a pistol and they are exempt from the Indian Arms Act.

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