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Bahu Fort


Acknowledged as one of the oldest forts in Jammu, Bahu Fort has always been a source of attraction for a number of tourists. The vista of the Himalayan Ranges and the heavenly Tawi River provide a perfect backdrop to the fort. Believed to be 3000 years old, the fort was built by Raja Bahu Lochan.

Bahu Fort has a wonderful story behind its construction. Once, Bahu Lochan went hunting along with his brother Jambu Lochan, and got the opportunity to see a pleasant sight of a tiger and a goat drinking water together from the Tawi River. Surprisingly the tiger had no intentions to attack the goat at all. The sight really appealed the Lochan brothers and they decided to build the Capital for their kingdom at that very place. They believed that a place so heavenly, where animals didn’t harm each other, will surely inspire people to stay friendly and peacefully with each other. Since then, the Fort has been refurbished a number of times by its succeeding rulers.

As one enters Bahu Fort, one sees the grand entrance gates with fine work on them. It has a number of octagonal towers, arches and pillars with a lot of carvings on them depicting beautiful flora. A pyramidal structure with thick walls, on the entrance is to withstand any gun attacks. Bahu Fort has an underground chamber that was used as a prison with a secret opening, useful during emergency escapes. The Fort houses an ancient Mahakali Goddess temple, popularly known as ‘Bawe Wali Mata’ temple. A number of devotees visit this temple every year. One will witness a water reservoir at the left entrance of the Fort, which is especially used by devotees to bathe before paying a visit to the temple.

One may enjoy picnicking with their family in the adjoining royal gardens of the Fort, known as ‘Bagh-e-Bahu’. The lush green trees and colourful flowers, fountains, and an artificial lake enhance the beauty of this garden. One can enjoy boating at the lake or simply relax in the lush green space. The garden also boasts of a fantastic view of the Jammu city. This place is a treat for history buffs, religious travellers as well as nature enthusiasts!

Best time to visit

Bahu Fort can be visited any time of the year. However, Tuesdays and Sundays are considered as special days for worshipping the Bawe Wali Mata in the Mahakali Temple.


A fair known as ‘Bahu Mela’ is organised twice a year during Navratras. This is the time when Bahu Fort and the temple are lavishly decorated, grand aartis are performed, and one can witness a number of stalls around the Fort selling sweets and knick-knacks.


The Fort can be visited at anytime of the day.

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