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People of Chandigarh

A modern city in all respects, the people of Chandigarh have an urban lifestyle almost similar to any city in the world. Social and religious taboos are not adhered to very strictly, though you might find most Sikh men wearing turbans as part of their religious tenets. Since most of the people who live in Chandigarh are mostly Punjabis, they are a fun loving people who love to enjoy life and break into song and dance at the drop of a hat...or turban!

The custom of staying in a joint family is still very much prevalent in Chandigarh. Different festivals are celebrated here with pomp and enthusiasm. Music and dance play an integral part in the life of the people.

Most of the people of Chandigarh belong to the Indo-Aryan ethnic origin. Sikh Jat forms the biggest community in Chandigarh. They are mostly into agriculture. Khatris and Aroras are the two communities that are into trading.

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