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Warangal Fort


Warangal Fort, situated 12kms from Hanamkonda in the city of Warangal, is one of the most striking historical landmarks of Andhra Pradesh. It was constructed in the 13th century during the Kakatiya dynasty. Positioned on a hill rock, Ekashila, the fort appears to be spread in three layers of fortifications that ensured the safety of the fort.

Though presently in ruins, the architectural magnificence of Warangal Fort speaks of its glorious past. The remnants of the fort are full of resources from the past and provide some insights of the civilisation of yore. The highlights of the fort are the imposing gateways and graceful towers, each 50 feet tall. These massive gateways known as ‘Keerti Torans’, at the entrance are a fine example of South Indian style of architecture. The remarkable feature of the main gateway is that it comprises of four beautifully carved pillars, which have been cut out of a single rock.

The Warangal Fort is adorned with impressive arches, delicate sculptures, pillars and towers. The remains of the fort also comprise of stone works, patterns and design portraying lions and swans. Warangal Fort, having three protective layers of walls, gives us an idea of the standards of safety measures that were used to guard the inner confines and centre of power. The walls of the Warangal Fort are soaring high and are made of huge granite blocks. Inside the frontiers of the walls are steps ascending to a trail that runs along the summit of the fort.

The Warangal Fort is adorned with a temple named Swayambhuva in its centre which had been erected by the Qutub Shahi Kings. The temple was dedicated to Mother Earth and is renowned for its intricate sculptures. There is another temple inside the fort which was dedicated to Lord Shiva.

At present the Warangal Fort is in ruins and many tourists come to this grand old fort for sightseeing. The remains of the fort have so much to offer to people with interest in architecture.

Best time to visit

Warangal Fort can be visited throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the fort is during monsoon or winter months from July to December if you wish to avoid the scorching heat during the summers.


It is assumed that before the Kakatiyas, the Jains dominated this region and one can see their influence all over the place.


Warangal Fort remains open on all days.

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