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Bhadrakali Temple


The Bhadrakali Temple is an ancient temple in Warangal, which was built during the reign of the Kakatiya dynasty in the 8th century. Situated on a hillock near the Bhadrakali Lake at Hanamkonda, the temple enshrines the Goddess Bhadrakali, the mother Goddess in Hindu mythology. The temple was constructed in a typical Chalukyan style of architecture.

The structure of the Bhadrakali Temple is in the shape of a square, with a stone image of Goddess Bhadrakali seated with a fierce look in her eyes and on her face. The goddess wears a crown and holds various weapons in all the eight arms. A statue of Lion, the vahana (sacred vehicle) of Goddess Bhadrakali, is positioned opposite to the sanctum sanctorum. The temple also houses a ‘Dhwaja Sthambam’ and ‘Balipeetham’. Other deities in the ‘Maha Mantapam’ of the temple are, Lord Shiva in the manifestation of Veerabhadra, Subramanya Swamy statue, Hanuman statue and stone carved Navagrahas.

The most dominant feature of the Bhadrakali Temple is an artificial lake of 2.5kms radius, which is located in the vicinity of the temple. Various natural rock formations in the backdrop add to the religious charm of the temple. These rocks are believed to bear spiritual powers too.

Though the deity is called the Bhadrakali, it is believed that the image with the help of mantras alters into an unusual form referred to as the ‘Tripura Sundari’, which includes the Kali form. Tripura Sundari is acknowledged as the greatest divine form of ‘Prakriti’ - the imperative feminine power of the universe. Tripura Sundari signifies 'the beauty of the three worlds'.

The Bhadrakali Temple has been a significant pilgrimage destination in Warangal and attracts many devotees to pay their visits at this holy temple and to seek blessings from mother Goddess.

Best time to visit

Ideally, the best time to visit the Bhadrakali Temple is during the festival season of ‘Sravana masa’ i.e. in the months of August and September, when the deity is aesthetically decorated and yagnams are conducted in the temple.

However, the temple can be visited during the winter months of October to March when the weather is pleasant in Warangal.


During the Shakambari Utsavam celebrated at the temple, the deity is decorated with vegetables.


The temple remains open on all days from 5:0 am till 9:00 pm.

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