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Faluknama Palace


Built by Nawab Viqar-ul-Umra in 1892, the Faluknama Palace is the most eminent and glorious palace of Hyderabad. It was later purchased by Nizam Mahboob Ali Khan in 1897 to be used as a royal guesthouse, and is now a heritage hotel. The palace is situated close to Charminar, Mecca Masjid and the Salarjung Museum. Located on top of a 2000 feet high hill, the main attractions of the Faluknama Palace are its architecture and Jade collections.

The palace was constructed with carefully chosen Italian marble and has been designed by an Italian architect in the shape of a Scorpion with 2 stings projected out in the northern side of the palace. The style of decor, tinted glass windows and marble stairway adorn this glorious palace. The Faluknama Palace exhibits some of the finest collections of the Nizam, which includes paintings, Jade artefacts, invaluable statues, Venetian chandeliers, rare manuscripts, books and aesthetic furnishings. The most prominent are the Jade collections which are said to be one of its kinds in the world.

The outer beauty of the Faluknama Palace is as impressive as the interior. The imposing arch doorways in the pyramidal style portray Neo Classical style of floors. The staircase is made of authentic Italian marble, and has carved railings which hold up the marble figures at spaces. Another attractive feature of the Faluknama Palace is the reception room, whose ceiling is decorated with frescoes and gold tinted decor. The ballroom has a 2 ton organ, which is run by hand and is said to be exclusive in the world. The palace has around 220 lavishly beautified rooms and 22 open halls. The furniture is also very artistic and has rosewood carved chairs with green leather cushions. The tableware is made of gold and gemstones.

The Faluknama Palace has now been converted into a heritage hotel, but as it is the private property of the Nizam's family, one requires a special consent to see it.

Best time to visit

The ideal time to visit the Faluknama Palace is during the cooler months from October to Marc, as the weather is pleasant, unlike summers which tend to get very hot.


It took 9 long years to complete this architectural grandeur. The dining hall of the palace has the capacity to seat around 100 guests on a single table.

The exclusive musical instrument in the ballroom can tune 36 tunes at a time!

Mir Mahboob Ali Khan, the last Nizam of Hyderabad, used the famous ‘Jacob Diamond’ as a paper weight in this palace.


The palace is not open to visitors. One needs to take a prior permission to get inside the Faluknama Palace.

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