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Birla Science Centre


Birla Science Centre stands tall in all its pride as India’s one of the most prestigious institutes with more than 10 million visitors every year. Started in 1990, Birla Science Center is the only museum dedicated to science in Hyderabad. The museum is divided into 4 sections.

Interactive Science Centre is a section full of fun and learning. It starts with optical illusions and is followed by electronic section that has a musical harp which plays when you pass your hand through the sensors in its base. Holograms boasting images of plants, faces and drawings are also present at this section.

At recreational centre, visitors can understand various principles of physics and mechanics in general. Black hole with a coin, a corner cube, a color mixer, and some mirror tricks, all designed to give treat to your eyes at the interactive science centre.

After the fun filled experience at Interactive Science Centre, walk down to Archaeological Centre and Nirmala Birla Art Gallery. Hundreds of porcelain dolls adorn the Nirmala Art Gallery along with crystal and glass sculptures. The gallery also houses the collection of vases and china trays. The ivory architecture in the art gallery is the eye catcher and leaves the visitors awestruck with its beauty and exquisiteness. The gallery also houses ancient relics, pillars, tools and lots of carvings.

The next section is Dinosaurium, where one can find the fossils of Dinosaurs unearthed from the Adilabad District between 1974 and 1982. There are also bone and plant remains that one can site at this section. The walls in this section are covered with posters and pieces of information about the various ages - Jurassic, Mesozoic among others.

Followed by Dinosaurium is Windows on Science section that takes back the visitors to the splendid space journey made by the people on the earth. Model satellites, rockets and diagrams form the huge part of this section. This section also unfolds the mystery of black hole and other such universal delights.

So get ready to explore the world of science and technology at Birla Science Center and come back with knowledge and experience of lifetime.

Best time to visit

Birla Science Centre can be visited any time of the year.


The Museum is sometime referred to as "an everyman's university".


Birla Science Center is open from 10:30 am to 8:15 pm.

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